The Crystal Palace is burning down…Part 2

As you will have noticed from my last post, I am not in any way happy at the prospective crests I (as a season ticket holder) have the opportunity to vote for. Below, I will analyse each one, express my likes, dislikes, and more.


This crest is in fact my favourite of the four (and is the most popular from the fans at the moment). The eagle is ok, and I appreciate the colour theme. However, what I do not like is the flimsy, floating writing, attached to…nothing. It would be much better situated just below the ‘Crystal Palace’. I put that in inverted commas because it is a pretty appalling imitation of such a fine piece of architecture. It looks like half a dartboard, and makes up half of what I assume is meant to be a football, with the other half having the year we were founded and our colours. It is completely out of proportion with the eagle, and looks to have been added as an afterthought. This option is quite similar to the Spurs crest. In fact, I see now how they came to this:

Take the Spurs crest…

…get a four year old to draw it…

…invert it and add a little colour…

Whilst it is currently seen as the best one out of Palace fans, it seems that CPFC2010 are not admirers. Steve Parish described it as simply an evolution of what we already have (as above, I see it more as an infant’s evolution of the Spurs badge) and expressed his dislike of it. It does have potential, but needs more of the Palace and less of the eagle.


I won’t spend too long on this one. Put politely, it’s rubbish. Looks like some sort of shitty MLS logo. It screams: ‘JOIN THE RAZZLE DAZZLE OF THE SOCCER SEASON PLAY-ON AT SELHURST PARK ARENA FOR HIGH OCTANE EXHIBITION MATCH UPS!’ No Palace, and no recognition of our history or heritage. Also bears a resemblance to a Muppets character:


The Crystal Palace looks like a hybrid of the London Eye and Tower Bridge. The eagle does not bear a resemblance to any Muppets character this time, but does look worryingly like something of the Third Reich:

Would be grand if it featured on Hitler’s propaganda vodka label. But as on our crest? No thanks.


A very ferocious pigeon is pecking at the top of a darts board. Hrm…

And there we have it, above are the four designs from which we have to vote for to become our new club crest. CPFC2010 have said that if a new, ‘amazing’ design was sent to them, it would be considered. If it is only these 4 options, I will not be voting.

I have seen two crests designed by fans though, that have caught my eye. The first is excellent; it has the majestic Crystal Palace in its full glory, a ferocious looking eagle and a great colour scheme. The CP initials within the Crystal Palace add a classy touch. The eagle is a tad oversized and would need touching up.

The second crest which has come to my attention is one which I believe would me a fair compromise between the board’s needs, and the fans’ desires. It contains a simple eagle and a simple Crystal Palace, but both go together well and the rounded edge creates a top class traditional feel.


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