The Crystal Palace is Burning Down…Part 3

As you will have read in two previous articles (here and here), way back in August 2011 the Crystal Palace board announced their intention to change the club crest. However following a negative response from the general fan base, the proposed transformation of the club crest took a back-burner. But in mid-January, a vote for the new crest was announced. Two of the crests previously released had been altered (the designers attempting the impossible-polishing a turd), whilst two new crests were introduced. Supporters were asked to submit their top three crests.

What is interesting is that in the press release announcing the forthcoming vote, it was stated that the vote would not be an ultimate one and the choice of the fans would not necessarily be that of which would represent the club going forward. Fair enough, you might say: CPFC2010 are the ones who have put their money into the club, and they are the ones who own it, after all. But it does draw questions which have to be asked of the board, particularly why organise a vote if it is not to produce a meaningful result? It could be argued that it is a pensive move which can accurately canvas the ideas of all fans; but a just as plausible theory is that the board’s choice conflicts with that of the fans, and what the board wants, the board will get; with the smokescreen of a vote appeasing any potential protesters.

Without further ado, here are the refurbished, and in the cases of E and F, newly created designs:

One of two options which haven’t been edited since the last infamous crest launch. As a result it sadly retains its similarity to an infant’s spawn of the Spurs crest. Although compared to the others, it does possess a strong chance of winning.

This is an interesting one, because if chosen will come alongside a brand new club slogan too*: ‘Give me a C! Give me an R! Give me a Y! Give me an S! Give me a T! (you get the picture)…Go! Go! Eagles!’

*Not entirely true.

This option represents the rebirth of the previous option C, which been ripped up, sent to the scrap heap and replaced with a newer, better version. Newer, better? Yes, you heard correctly (just think how shit it must have been beforehand). This crest offers much with its retro feel and the colour scheme is just as scintillating as eagle at the centre is awe-inspiring. I’d make a good second-hand car salesman, wouldn’t I?

Luckily I don’t have to try too hard with this one. It was so perfect already that no change has been deemed necessary; it remains a very ferocious pigeon pecking on half a dartboard.

This crest is an entirely new option, and it is the option which seems to be the large majority of fans’ number one choice. It does have its merits, but the fragile eagle and circular outline mean something is just not quite right about it.

And we finally reach the last of our venerated potential crests. This time we have a rather military-looking eagle lodged upon a Lego building blocks replication of the Crystal Palace. The eagle would be more fitting on a Pokémon card than a football shirt.


There we have it. One of the six above will soon be chosen as the new Crystal Palace crest. I’m finding it hard to pick a winner from the six losers above, but it will probably be one of A, B, or E. E seems to be the pick of the fans, with B a favourite in the boardroom. But might the A be a suitable compromise and pip both to the prize?


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